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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I need more eyeshadow like I need a hole in my head

So I keep striking out with the eyeshadow. I like to be frugal but like the old saying goes " You get what you pay for" simply put being cheap yields cheap results. I think for now I am done buying the cheap stuff. I love the colors of the new elf palette I bought but I think that I may be allergic to the shadow. Itchy watery eyes does not feel good when your trying to drive, not to mention that some of the colors don't want to come up on my brush. I really have to press in the shadow hard with the brush just to get some color on the brush. I found a new palette from Laura Mercier that is right up my alley not to mention the palette from smashbox that Ive been drooling over for 2 weeks now. There is also an awesome eye palette from the Pixi line that is sold at Target but that would be my " last resort buy" if for some reason I wasn't able to get the other 2.

So anyway I cant wait for my lighting to be done so that I can get back to my tutorials and reviews. Jennifer Lopez, Milla Jovovich and Victoria Beckham just to name a few. I cant wait, its gonna be fun!! ;-)

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