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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just a few of my nail art designs and inspiration

Here are some of my nail
art designs. I have come up
with some of the designs on my own and some of them
were inspired by a very
creative youtube nail guru
known as love4nails. The red nails to the right was my first attempt at nail art. it took me almost 2 hours to do my nails that day lol. I made the flower and dots by using a tooth pick. Not too bad for my first try.  

This design here is my green zebra print. It kinda reminds me of green antiqued paint cracking on its surface.

                                                           This blue design was inspired by love4nails. It looks amazing on the tip of long nails. ho hum maybe one day I'll be able to do this design on my own long nails.
 The multicolored nail design I did was fun. Again inspired by love4nails. the orange nails to the left were so pretty in real life. I really love the color.

These 2 designs were fun to do although i think some people I came across were a Little confused by my purple nails. I got mixed reviews on my choice of design. Personally I liked it..it wasn't something you
 normally see. I really loved this blue design. The color was really pretty. I went from light to dark using the same color.

 I used decals for this nail design. I used 2 different paint colors that complimented the decals and used my dotting tool to apply the white dots. I got a lot of compliments that week.  The blue and silver nails looked so much better in real life. I used silver beads to decorate the silver french manicure on my thumb and pinky finger and silver rhinestones to decorate all the other fingers. The gold design below is another favorite of mine. My nails really sparkled in the light. Very pretty.
And finally this blue design started off fairly simple but after a few days I decided they needed a little pep and went in and added the white dots and some rhinestones. If you like my designs check out my Youtube channel by clicking on the link below. I am working on putting together some tutorials..and don't forget to subscribe to my blog and my youtube channel! Thanks for reading!!!

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