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Monday, November 29, 2010

Kat Von D look and plastic surgery???????

Whew!! So I did a Kat Von D look on my youtube channel and I think it came out good. I was a little nervous attempting it because she has a full face of make up ALL the time. It was def a challenge for me but fun. My first try at it was hilarious but the 2nd try came out great. Here's 2 of the pics I got my idea from. She looked like herself in these pictures.

 . She has def changed over the years and I'm pretty sure she has had some work done to her face which, in my opinion, is a damn shame. She doesn't look right. I saw a pic of her and her face resembles that women who looks like a cat. Theres this women, who is a bazillionare, that has spent tons of money on plastic surgery...she looks very scary. Que the scary music.. OK so shes not as bad as the scary chick on the right but if she keeps it up this could very well be her in just a few short years...AAAHHHHHH!!!!!
      Ain't no tattoo covering that up

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My youtube Channel

So I'm starting to get more subscribers..finally lol. I'm really learning a lot from watching my favorite guru's. I was able to get some good make up brushes today (Mac..thank you honey) and I am truly amazed at the difference. I always thought a brush was a brush but I was wrong. It's hard to explain the difference..I think it's just something that you have to see for yourself. Anyways the urban decay palette finally came out and after all this time that I waited  I had a chance to see the palette in person and realized that maybe I shouldn't buy it. Don't get me wrong the colors are really nice but I doubt that I would use all of them. There are tons of shadow colors at Mac and when I see a color that I think is pretty and would look good on me it only happens about half the time. On youtube I see people using colors that look awesome and I think hmm maybe that would look good on me, so I go and try it out and it ends up looking horrid against my skin tone. I'm glad that I am able to test colors out before I buy them because otherwise I would be returning shadows all the time. I guess my point is that I think I may be done buying eyeshadow palettes because most of the time, in my case anyways, some of the colors go untouched and in my opinion that's definitely a waste of money.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Forever 21, MAC, Urban Decay

   Tis the season!! Tis the season for fabulous make up collections, sales and special prices...aahhh!! I love holiday specials. Mac has a new collection that is reasonably priced. They are offering eye palettes, pigments, brushes, lipgloss and nail varnish's . If I had the cash I would buy everything lol. I'm really loving the pigments and am giving some serious thought to picking up the cool toned collection, even though I'm a bit intimidated at the thought of using pigments. A heavy hand equals an overdone messy look and I for one am not interested in looking like a clown. This will def take some serious practice.

  Ok so I am tired of waiting for urban decay to re release their Naked palette....Whats the hold up?!?!! I'm dyin over here lol. I'm getting to the point where i'm getting over my "want" for this awesome eye palette. Has anyone had a chance to check out ebay? these palettes are going for mucho dinero..all these people spending serious cash when all they have to do is wait and pay $44....duh. Course I do feel bad for the people who did pay lots of $ and didn't know it was being re released. Owell such is life.

  YAY!!! for Forever 21 and the awesome jewelry they sell. Gorgeous rings and earrings at cheap prices. Beautiful colors, chunky funky rings, earrings with a vintage look, rings shaped like animals..uh I love it lol. Finding the perfect piece of jewelry can really add that extra something to any outfit. Just try not looking fab with an awesome piece of jewelry. Check out Forever 21 for great jewelry at even greater prices. Happy shopping and an early Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Red, Predators..awesome movies

Hi everyone and welcome to Philicia's movie review..lol. So I saw Red and thought it was awesome. I liked it more than the expendables and I really liked that movie. I love that Red had unlikely action/hero stars. Bruce Willis is still hot for an old fart and still makes awesome action type movies. As for the rest of the cast I think their performance's were brilliant. Helen Mirran was classy yet bad ass lol and John Malkovich played his role of the crazy paranoid type to a "T"..he was really funny running down the street with explosives strapped to his belly lol. I couldn't stop laughing. Morgan Freeman who is cool as a cucumber played his part well..he is the epitome of cool. I really enjoyed watching this movie and cant wait for the DVD release.

I have been a fan of the Predator series since it came out. So when I found out another movie was being released of course I was there opening night to see it. It was definitely a kick ass. I was really curious to see how well Adrian Brody would play his character and after seeing the movie I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I think he did an awesome job playing a bad ass. I really liked the movie. I'm amazed at how many movies have come out using the predator monster and am just as surprised at how successful each one has been. In my opinion the writers have done a phenomenal job keeping the predator monster (character) alive and interesting. Awesome movie!!!!


Sandra Bullock look

So my lighting is now done and Mike did an awesome job.. my room is lit up like a stadium lol.  I did a Sandra Bullock look.. well I did my interpretation of Sandra's look. I dont know if you would agree but quite often I hear from people that I resemble Sandra Bullock, so it seemed to make sense that I try to do one of her looks. I'm not a makeup artist but I have found a new love in tinkering with it. I still dont like doing a full face of make up but for these celebrity look's that i'm trying to do I guess I should considering i'm copying a look. So anyhoo here is the picture of Sandra Bullock. I tried to do both looks. I dont get enough views yet to get any kind of feed back but my sister let's me know how they look and I trust her word..thank's San ;-)

 Check out my youtube video on this look....http://www.youtube.com/user/PJsBeautyShop