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Monday, November 29, 2010

Kat Von D look and plastic surgery???????

Whew!! So I did a Kat Von D look on my youtube channel and I think it came out good. I was a little nervous attempting it because she has a full face of make up ALL the time. It was def a challenge for me but fun. My first try at it was hilarious but the 2nd try came out great. Here's 2 of the pics I got my idea from. She looked like herself in these pictures.

 . She has def changed over the years and I'm pretty sure she has had some work done to her face which, in my opinion, is a damn shame. She doesn't look right. I saw a pic of her and her face resembles that women who looks like a cat. Theres this women, who is a bazillionare, that has spent tons of money on plastic surgery...she looks very scary. Que the scary music.. OK so shes not as bad as the scary chick on the right but if she keeps it up this could very well be her in just a few short years...AAAHHHHHH!!!!!
      Ain't no tattoo covering that up


  1. Wow, what a shame! She's very beautiful and to ruin that with expensive damaging surgery is such a shame! Isn't she still young too??

  2. Yea it is. I'm not sure how old she is. its so stupid, I really dont get it. hopefully shes done jackin up her face

  3. Phileesh..lol, I'm starting to wonder if you're getting my Facebook messages or not. I just wanted to put up that background for ya..unless you changed your mind? Kay, hope to talk to ya soon.