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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sandra Bullock look

So my lighting is now done and Mike did an awesome job.. my room is lit up like a stadium lol.  I did a Sandra Bullock look.. well I did my interpretation of Sandra's look. I dont know if you would agree but quite often I hear from people that I resemble Sandra Bullock, so it seemed to make sense that I try to do one of her looks. I'm not a makeup artist but I have found a new love in tinkering with it. I still dont like doing a full face of make up but for these celebrity look's that i'm trying to do I guess I should considering i'm copying a look. So anyhoo here is the picture of Sandra Bullock. I tried to do both looks. I dont get enough views yet to get any kind of feed back but my sister let's me know how they look and I trust her word..thank's San ;-)

 Check out my youtube video on this look....http://www.youtube.com/user/PJsBeautyShop


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