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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

I went to go see Paranormal Activity 2 and it did not disappoint!!! I thought the story line was brilliant. The only thing that I wasn't thrilled about was that kids were involved but other than that I really liked the movie. I was also given a code to down load paranormal activity to my ipod for free because I bought my tickets off fandango..bonus!! lol. I'm going to go see it again next week with my sister in law. I cant wait!!

I'm also looking forward to the premier of Walking Dead Halloween night. I have read the comic books and was really excited when I found out it was being made into a TV show. If you have the chance to read some of the comics before Sunday night do it..you wont be disappointed.

I need more eyeshadow like I need a hole in my head

So I keep striking out with the eyeshadow. I like to be frugal but like the old saying goes " You get what you pay for" simply put being cheap yields cheap results. I think for now I am done buying the cheap stuff. I love the colors of the new elf palette I bought but I think that I may be allergic to the shadow. Itchy watery eyes does not feel good when your trying to drive, not to mention that some of the colors don't want to come up on my brush. I really have to press in the shadow hard with the brush just to get some color on the brush. I found a new palette from Laura Mercier that is right up my alley not to mention the palette from smashbox that Ive been drooling over for 2 weeks now. There is also an awesome eye palette from the Pixi line that is sold at Target but that would be my " last resort buy" if for some reason I wasn't able to get the other 2.

So anyway I cant wait for my lighting to be done so that I can get back to my tutorials and reviews. Jennifer Lopez, Milla Jovovich and Victoria Beckham just to name a few. I cant wait, its gonna be fun!! ;-)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ghost shows, remodeling and make up..great combonation lol

I love, love, love ghost shows. Ghost adventures is awesome. There was a marathon this weekend and I think it was on the TV almost all day both Saturday and Sunday lol. I was at Ulta today and there was this beautiful eye palette that I came very close to buying. I may go back and get it. The colors were so deep and rich, just what I like. I'm still waiting for Urban Decay to re release their Naked Palette...tick tock, tick tock. Ugh..what are they waiting for?? anyway the palette that i want is from Smashbox and there was only one left. 12 colors, eye primer and mascara for $43. I think that price is reasonable considering single colors are quite pricey. I think I have just convinced myself that I should buy it lol.

Mike started working on my lighting today so my videos look good and what was supposed to be maybe an hour long project turned into a 3 day ordeal...I feel bad that this went from easy to difficult. So here's to hoping that all the time, effort and not to mention money is worth it. I love my husband :)
 http://www.youtube.com/user/PJsBeautyShop  I'm going to post a short video of the work in progress on my youtube channel.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Penelope Cruz look

Oh yeah..lol. My look was much darker. This isn't the look I remember lol. This would have been much...much easier to do. I think I'll do this one too but in the mean time I'm going to hunt down the picture of  Penelope I saw with darker make up. AAAHHH...lol. Owell, I will get it right next time....till then have a good one!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010


I NEED A NEW JOB AAHHHHHH!!!!!!  I'm sick of taking crap from people. I'm sick of keeping my mouth shut for the greater good (Hot Fuzz anyone)....SICK, SICK, SICK. I wish more people read this blog. If anyone out there is looking for a registered ultrasound tech with ten years experience leave me a message please. I have exceptional organizational skills, an eye for detail and outstanding customer service skills. Lol..this is funny I'm actually listing my skills like it matters..that's it.. I've actually lost my mind. My mind is lost. Someone please come and pick me up..put that bright white coat on me that ties in the back and cart me away to my new home..you know that place with the white padded walls and group discussions.. that place where heavy medication and drool bibs are an everyday necessity.  
Owell..such is life right. Suck it up and move on. Just let it go and forget about it..isn't that what people normally say? Yeah I guess that's what I should do. I should just continue to bend over with a smile and ask for more. Am I agitated? yes..will it go away? eventually..Am I going to let it rule my life? nope. But it does suck and it did ruin my complaint free job record but what the hell right.. cuz I guess in the end it wont really matter anyway. As a matter of fact I'm pretty sure that after today it wont matter much to me.. that is until I have to go back to that place and then the bad memories of my really crappy day are going to come crashing down on me like a dam that just broke loose. A bit dramatic, I know, but in these hard times a bit of drama is to be expected..tell me I'm wrong. So for now I bid you farewell...that is until the next tragedy ensues...or I buy more make up, which ever comes first. Till next time.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just a few of my nail art designs and inspiration

Here are some of my nail
art designs. I have come up
with some of the designs on my own and some of them
were inspired by a very
creative youtube nail guru
known as love4nails. The red nails to the right was my first attempt at nail art. it took me almost 2 hours to do my nails that day lol. I made the flower and dots by using a tooth pick. Not too bad for my first try.  

This design here is my green zebra print. It kinda reminds me of green antiqued paint cracking on its surface.

                                                           This blue design was inspired by love4nails. It looks amazing on the tip of long nails. ho hum maybe one day I'll be able to do this design on my own long nails.
 The multicolored nail design I did was fun. Again inspired by love4nails. the orange nails to the left were so pretty in real life. I really love the color.

These 2 designs were fun to do although i think some people I came across were a Little confused by my purple nails. I got mixed reviews on my choice of design. Personally I liked it..it wasn't something you
 normally see. I really loved this blue design. The color was really pretty. I went from light to dark using the same color.

 I used decals for this nail design. I used 2 different paint colors that complimented the decals and used my dotting tool to apply the white dots. I got a lot of compliments that week.  The blue and silver nails looked so much better in real life. I used silver beads to decorate the silver french manicure on my thumb and pinky finger and silver rhinestones to decorate all the other fingers. The gold design below is another favorite of mine. My nails really sparkled in the light. Very pretty.
And finally this blue design started off fairly simple but after a few days I decided they needed a little pep and went in and added the white dots and some rhinestones. If you like my designs check out my Youtube channel by clicking on the link below. I am working on putting together some tutorials..and don't forget to subscribe to my blog and my youtube channel! Thanks for reading!!!

My sister

This is to my sister who I miss very much. Thank you for offering your help with my youtube site. I could definitely benefit from the help of a professional in the graphic arts field.

My sister has always been an exceptional artist. She is going to school for graphic arts and I am more than confidant that she will excel in that field. I feel very fortunate to have her helping me design an awesome layout for my youtube channel.

Then I will have millions of subscribers :-)

                                           THANKS SAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Birthday wishes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great weekend :-)  
(ignore Joshuas fingers lol)

New flip it camcorder

WOOHOO!!! I finally got my camcorder. I can't wait to use it. So now I'm going to have millions of subscribers....lmao. Anyway I am looking forward to making better videos. It will be nice to be able to make a  video without starting having to start over because I made a mistake. So..here's to happy and worry free filming :-)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bad Day :(

Today was not the best day for me. I had a busy day at work and now I think I'm getting sick. My throat is itchy and sore...ugh. And on top of it all I'm starting to feel discouraged. right now this blog is basically a diary for me and I know that I just started it but there are so many people doing this and the YouTube videos that it almost seems stupid to even continue. I have had only a handful of people look at my videos and not one of them subscribed. I need a new strategy..I need better lighting and a better camera  and a new strategy lol. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  Ok I feel better..sorta. I'm goin to bed. big hugs..night.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My MAC purchases

Here are the 3 items I bought today. the off white shadow is Sweetjoy and the other is called Vainglorious. The shadow that looks purple is actually a nice crimson color. I love these 2 colors. The make-up artist used a brown color called cork with these 2 shadows. It was an awesome combanation. I didn't buy Cork though because I have plenty of brown colors. Aren't these so cute...I think theyre adorable. Oh yeah..the eyebrow pencil I bought is in the picture as well. It is called Lingering. Till next time..Bye!!